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Field Trip: Atlanta

Ah, Atlanta.  For not being city folks, we are rather fond of this place.  We visited in the first weekend in June for the Indie Craft Experience.  Since it also coincided with my birthday weekend, we decided to be all extravagant, and to just have a good time.  And so we...

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Field Trip: Richmond, VA

Sadly, it is rare for our small family to get together on our own for anything.  We're all busy folks and my baby sister Jen lives in DC, so it's just hard to arrange.  A few months ago we used my trip to Richmond for Spring Bada Bing as a great excuse...

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Field Trip: Rising Meadow Farm

After returning from vacation a few months ago, Wayne and I had the pleasure of attending a sheep shearing at Rising Meadow Farm in Liberty, NC. The farm itself is gorgeous.  We pulled in, parked, and walked toward one of the barns.  You see fields on both sides with a house on...

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