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Enjoying St. Pete

In late December, W & I headed South to spend some time in St. Petersburg, Florida.  We went down with family who highly recommended the city.  While we spent most of the vacation sitting on the beach or by the pool, we make time on Saturday to wander around downtime and...

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New Furniture

Some of you may know from Facebook that we have purchased our first official Soap Mobile.  We’re thinking of naming her Bubbles.  Seems fitting right?     Well, the reason for adding Bubbles to our lives was two fold: 1 – To avoid any more wear and tear on our...

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Checking in on the Bees

Although we keep bees, we have (mostly) allowed them to keep themselves this season.  We had a few extra hours on Saturday and decided it was about time to take a quick peek and see how they were faring. Below is the hive in our back yard.  We added an...

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