Natural Shampoo, 6 pack

During our search for the perfect oil to use in our shampoo formula, we came across babassu. While researching its properties, we discovered that babassu is a non-drying oil high in fatty acids. As a result, it moisturizes without leaving hair feeling greasy or heavy.

This formula is best suited for those with normal to dry hair/scalp. Our natural shampoo is sulfate-free so it will not sud as much as a commercial shampoo, but it cleans beautifully and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth.  Please note it is not recommended for color treated hair.

Our shampoo is offered in four scents: Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lemongrass.  We also offer a variety pack that includes two Lavender, two Peppermint, one Tea Tree and one Lemongrass.

Ingredients: distilled water, organic olive oil, sodium borate, organic babassu oil, potassium hydroxide, organic avocado oil, organic castor oil, kukui nut oil, organic essential oil