Bulk Body Wash - Bagged 2.5 Gallon


Perfect for a Refillery, this is a 2.5 gallon size of our body wash in a reusable bag.  Simply use the bag to refill your container, rinse it well, put the cap back on and return it to us using the label provided so we can reuse it.  Yay for reducing single use plastics! 

Our Body Wash contains a unique blend of organic oils that create a rich and luxurious lather. While gently cleansing your skin our body wash moisturizes and provides vitamins and nutrients critical to skin health.

Please note: Whispering Willow's bulk products are sold for use in refilleries, spas, salons, B&Bs, restaurants, etc or to be resold as-is. They are not intended to be repackaged, modified, or relabeled for resale. If you are interested in private label, please contact us for the details of our in-house program.  Thank you for your understanding!

Ingredients: water, organic olive oil, sodium borate, organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, organic essential oil

Cruelty free

Natural & Organic

USA Made