Natural Linen Spray, 6 pack

This is a product that customers "get" right away.  They understand the product, know how to use it and understand its benefits.  Customers also love to interact with the product so you will see them spray the tester (we send one with your first order at no charge) and nodd approvingly.

Our linen spray is a simple, safe and completely natural product made with distilled water, witch hazel extract and organic essential oils.  It can be used on linens, blankets, towels, pillows and fabric furniture.  

This listing is for six 8-oz bottles of lavender linen spray.

Note: There is a locking tab on the trigger.  We have found that some customers won't notice the lock and may pull the trigger until it pops off.  To prevent this from happening when they get home and being dissatisfied with the product, we ship the triggers to you unlocked.