Goat Milk Lavender Soap, 6 pack

Goat milk makes for a wonderfully luxurious and moisturizing bar of soap. At Whispering Willow, we've had tons of requests, but we didn't feel good about using milk from just any goats. Recently we made friends with the fabulous folks at Independence Homestead in Virginia and we started purchasing their goat milk. We are excited to be able to offer this option and love knowing that the milk is sourced from happy goats that are well treated. We've added organic ground raw oats to this bar for exfoliation and a touch of organic lavender essential oil for scent. 

This listing is for six 4 oz bars of Goatmilk Soap w/ Oatmeal & Lavender

Suggested Retail: $6/each

Ingredients: organic olive oil, distilled water, organic coconut oil, organic palm kernel oil, sodium hydroxide, raw goat milk, organic lavender essential oil, organic oats